Marketing Firm Launches RV Division

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Nationally recognized marketing firm Kidd Group announced the launch of its newest division, Kidd RV Resort Consulting, catering to the specific audiences and environment of the RV industry and its partners. Kidd moves forward with this specialized division following years of experience and an industry-diverse, national client base.
“Our success can be attributed to 30 years of marketing experience amid government initiatives, transportation, real estate, technology, finance and healthcare, combined with tested and proven principles and excellent customer service to the RV industry,” said President Jerry Kidd in a news release. “Our unique insight allows us to identify the brand essence of our clients and strategically position them in the marketplace.”
Working with resorts and RV industry groups nationwide, Kidd quickly developed into a prevalent RV marketing leader, providing branding, design, website solutions, advertising and public relations to clients within this niche. This new division is focused exclusively on the RV market, providing strategic solutions and market intelligence on the RV consumer.
The adventure-seeking Baby Boomer has proven to be a sunny spot in these cloudy economic times. As of January 2009, many RV parks catering to this group of Boomer-Snowbirds are at or near capacity. While RV unit sales have slowed, this has not kept people from hitting the roads. In fact, a study conducted by Kidd RV Resort Consulting indicated that fuel prices would need to reach $7 per gallon before people would significantly alter their travel plans.
“We should remember that today’s full-time RVers are generally the Boomer generation or were part of what Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation,” said Vice President Tom Derzypolski. “These are the folks that put a man on the moon, defeated communism and lived through the oil crisis of the late ’70s. They are enjoying some of the best years of their lives and nothing will slow them down.”
Kidd RV Resort Consulting is scheduled to announce the full results of its 2008-2009 RV Industry Survey on March 16, days prior to one of the largest RV events in the country, the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) 81st International Convention in Perry, Ga. Information on results and how to access details will be available at the division’s website,
Now in its 30th year of business, Kidd Group offers in-house, integrated communication services, including branding, advertising, design, public relations and interactive solutions.
To learn more about this specialized company, visit the website or call (850) 878-5433.


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