Gas Pipeline Work Invigorates Texas RV Parks

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The 143-mile natural gas pipeline, which will pass near Rusk, Texas, is invigorating the local economy and the KOA campground in town.
Walter Preble, who owns and operates the Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) site in Rusk, said so many pipeliners have expressed interest in using his campgrounds that he is petitioning the city for the extra land he would need to accommodate them all, according to the Jackson (Texas) Progress.
Rusk City Council is expected to take action Thursday (March 26) to lease Preble, for one year, a 15-acre plot of land that is adjacent to his 12 existing acres
“We are a 60 -or 70-site campground, and close to 60 of those are already being used by pipeliners and vacation travelers. The extra land would let us expand and add another 50 to 60 sites, and bring more of those workers into the town of Rusk,” Preble said. “We are getting a lot of pipeline families that are coming in, and I think even more will stay here if it is available to them.”
Preble said he is thrilled to see the pipeliners — and their economic impact dollars — making themselves at home in Cherokee County.
“We think it is great to have these guys in the area. It really boosts all the businesses in town because these guys come home from work and either go to the grocery store for food or they go out to eat. Plus many of them are here with their families, who are going out and spending more money during the day,” he said. “These are hardworking people with good jobs, and we like having them here. All in all it is great business for the county.”
A representative from Willbros Group, the construction company building the pipeline, said the project will involve as many as 1,200 workers at its peak — many of which will be spending their time and money in Jacksonville while on the project.


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