Is that Tom Cruise and His Family in A Tent?

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That familiar-looking family camping in America’s campgrounds this spring might just be Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and his family.
Cruise “is all set to camp it up across America,”, a British news service, reported in today’s edition. The story was picked up and distributed across the U.S.
“We can reveal that he will be turning his back on luxury hotels and five-star resorts to take wife Katie and daughter Suri on a no-frills trip in the U.S.,” according to the British agency.
The Cruises apparently will reject the comforts of an RV and instead rough it in a tent, the agency reported.
“And Katie, 30, can’t wait to dive into a tent with her husband – who can cook up a spaghetti storm under the stars.
She said: “We love the outdoors. Once when we were camping Tom made his pasta carbonara for me.
“He knows exactly how to do it. A pinch of this, a pinch of that. He has a recipe, but he also kind of improvises by himself. You have to do the egg at a certain time.”
“I don’t really cook that much,” she said. “Though I do make cupcakes.”
Tom and family will be off to bond with nature at the end of the month, when he finishes promoting his new movie “Valkyrie.”
According to the AHN news service, while Tom is taking the trip to “bond” with his family, they won’t be alone – a religious adviser and a security team will accompany the trio at all times.
A source said: “They’ll be accompanied by a friend from the Church of Scientology, as Tom never likes to be too far away from his religion.”
“They will also have security camped down the road to keep any unwelcome people at bay.”
“They are certainly likely to cause a bit of a frenzy. But the whole point of them moving away from luxury holidays is to do things as a normal family.”
Another source added to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “This is what Tom wants for Suri. He doesn’t want her to miss out on the things he and Katie enjoyed as kids, just because she is growing up in the spotlight.”
Tom, 46, reportedly started planning the trip when he spent time in the Brazilian jungle while in South America earlier this year.
He and Katie often went camping before the birth of their daughter and can’t wait to spend time in the great outdoors again.
But the 30-year-old former “Dawson’s Creek” star admitted she wouldn’t be helping her husband with the campfire cooking.
She said: “I don’t really cook that much, though I do make cupcakes.”
No word on where they will start, go and end, so keep an eye out this spring for a sharp-looking family of three tent camping. The Mrs. is slightly taller than her chef.


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