Plan Groups Nixes Ohio Lakefront Park

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A proposed RV park on the Lake Erie lakefront in Conneaut, Ohio, was rejected unanimously by the city’s Planning Commission on Tuesday (March 3).
Members wasted little time in denying an application from Joe Polchosky of Conneaut to consider an 18-site facility, dubbed “Bubba’s Bluffs,” on nearly 1.1 acres.
An RV park doesn’t dovetail with uses outlined in the city’s comprehensive plan, a blueprint for Conneaut land use established several years ago, according to the Ashtabula (Ohio) Star-Beacon.
“It doesn’t seem to fit” the plan, said chairman William Ryan.
“The need for an RV park in the city may be pertinent, but it’s not the right location,” he said.
Luciana Ratermann, the city’s planning and zoning manager, also cited the comprehensive plan in recommending rejection of the application.
Polchosky said he was unaware of any other takers for the land, and indicated the commission is waiting for a developer who may never come.
The property, which overlooks Conneaut Harbor, is too valuable to devote to an RV park, some commission members said. Others cited the lack of “appropriateness” for such a project.
“We’re looking for the right type of development,” said member Frank Giganti. “I don’t want to see trailers up there with laundry hanging out.”
That remark angered Polchosky, who said he would have rigid rules of conduct that would be enforced.
The RV tenants would be older people and fishermen, Polchosky said. No seasonal renters would be allowed, he said.
While no other developers are vying for the land, the city wants to be ready when a hotel, restaurant or similar business comes knocking.


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