Study: RVing Remains Eco-Friendly Vacation

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A study released by PKF Consulting shows that the carbon footprint from an RV vacation is roughly 50% of the footprint from an air/car/hotel vacation.
Not only is RVing fun but now you know it is better for the environment, the Alexandria, Va.-based firm reported.
The report was prepared at the request of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). The RVIA asked the firm to conduct an environmental analysis for summer 2008 comparing the estimated carbon footprint (CO2 emissions in tons) of RV vacations against airline/rental car/motels or hotels vacations.
The firm compared typical vacations lasting between three and 14 days from various locales across the U.S. to Branson, Mo., Dennis Port, Mass., Orlando, Fla., Napa, Calif., Traverse City, Mich., and Lancaster, Pa.
The study measured emissions from a car puling a fold-down camping trailer, an SUV pulling a travel trailer, a Class C motorhome and a diesel-powered diesel Class A motorhome.
Among the RV vacations, in each case, the car pulling a fold-down trailer left the least carbon imprint, the Class C motorhome the largest. But across the board, every RV vacation had a lower CO2 emission level than the airline/rental car/motels or hotels vacations, the study concluded.


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