TACO Survey Tracks Winter Texan Patterns

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Seventy five percent of Winter Texans are eating out less, traveling shorter distances and implementing other cost-cutting measures this winter.
But while 54.9% of Winter Texans have shortened their winter visit, 45.1% are spending just as much time enjoying the Sunbelt as they normally do, according to the latest online survey by the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO).
“This survey shows that camping and RVing are taking precedence over other expenses for most Winter Texans,” said Brian Schaeffer, TACO’s executive director and CEO.
The February survey, conducted through, generated 499 responses, Schaeffer said. Among the survey’s other findings:

  • Half of Winter Texans typically stay in Texas for four months or longer.
  • 49.7% spend four months or longer.
  • 7.4% spend three to four months.
  • 14.6% spend one to two months.
  • 28.3% spend one to two weeks.
    Winter Texans who have cut back their vacation time in Texas this year have done so to varying degrees.

  • 39.8% have shortened their vacation time by 10% to 25%.
  • 35.8% have reduced their vacation time by 26% to 50%.
  • 24.4% have cut their vacation time in half.
    Nearly half of Winter Texans typically spend the whole winter season in Texas.

  • 46.9% come only to Texas.
  • 40.3% visit other Sunbelt states, but come to Texas most often.
  • 12.8% rarely travel to Texas when visiting the Sunbelt region.
    Winter Texans have three primary travel patterns.

  • 14.6% spend the winter at one private campground or RV park.
  • 41.3% use one campground as a primary base, but sometimes travel and stay at other parks.
  • 44.1% spend the winter traveling from campground to campground.
    Most Winter Texans believe Texas parks have a competitive advantage over parks in other states.

  • 45.5% believe private campgrounds and RV parks in Texas are less expensive than similar parks in other states.
  • 29.3% believe that every Sunbelt region has its pros and cons and that Texas has no real competitive advantage.
  • 26.2% believe Texas has a greater selection of Snowbird friendly parks than other states.
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