Florida’s Cypress Woods RV Resort Goes Solar

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Harp Development’s award winning Cypress Woods RV Resort in Fort Myers, Fla., announced its last and final phase.
The entire phase is designed to be environmentally friendly, with every lot partially running on solar energy, according to a news release.
“Recent customer feedback indicated that RVers have become extremely environmentally conscious,” said Amir Harpaz, vice president at Harp Development. “We then decided to redesign the sheds that are installed on every lot and embed solar panels into them, saving lot owners up to 15% on their electric bills, as well as, making Cypress Woods Earth friendly.”
Philiperto Rodriguez, owner of Amazon Sheds in Bonita Springs, Fla., who has been given the task to design and build the new sheds, commented: “We have had to completely rethink the traditional shed design, from trusses to roof materials, as we were asked to embed the solar panels into the roof in a way that conceals them. This project opens up a whole new set of opportunities in the RV industry for Amazon Sheds.”
Harp Development commissioned Premier Electric of SW Florida, one of the region’s largest electrical contractors, to work with Amazon Sheds on the solar panels’ specifications and installation. Bob Forbis, Premier’s president, noted, “One of the main challenges we faced was how to maximize electricity production on such a small roof surface. We looked at a number of solutions until we were satisfied with the one chosen.”
“To top off the new features in our last phase,” Harpaz added, “each lot owner will also receive a wireless monitor which shows in real time the production of electricity by the solar panels. Each lot is 46 feet by 90 feet. The size of the sheds is 10 feet by 14 feet. In the back of each lot there will also be a 20-foot by 31-foot paved patio area.
Response by customers has been overwhelming, Harpaz said. “People are calling wanting to see the new sheds in action. The first one will be installed next month, as we work on the phase to get it ready for next season. Our advertising will also reflect our efforts with the tag line ‘We Run on The Sun’ chosen to lead the upcoming campaign.”


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