Kansas RV Park Owner Goes ‘Green’ for Guests

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Mary Arlington Mary Arlington, left, owner of High Plains Camping in Oakley, Kan., has come up with a unique way to  differentiate her RV park from any other, according to
 This year Arlington has created and planted a garden, where the produce is produced for her guests. Here  are quotes from her blog:

 Organic produce. Vegetables and fruits for your meal. Stay at High Plains Camping this summer or fall  and pick from the garden. The campground owner has a farmer friend who will plant this garden for  the guests at the RV park. He loves farming and hopes the guests will appreciate his produce. This is the first year so we’ll learn as we go with this program. We’ll provide 2 pots where people can donate to show their appreciation to David The Farmer. There will be large variety of produce. As the plants are planted I’ll update this posting to give you the full list.
APRIL 25, 2009: The farmer was back today to till again, and to begin planting. The onions are in the ground!

Like many of the more progressive RV campgrounds, Arlington and High Plains Camping may be followed on Twitter at


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