RV Park Owner Given Six Months for Repairs

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The Alvin, Texas, city council has given the owners of the Tidelands RV Park in Alvin, Shanti Gala and partner Roger Somaiya, six months to make repairs and bring the park into compliance with the city’s RV ordinance, according to the Alvin Sun-Advertiser.

The ruling does not limit the city from suspending the license for non-performance and/or non-compliance with all ordinances, the council noted.

The council’s motion passed unanimously but only after a very heated discussion among council members and the park owners.
“We have given you two weeks to come up with a game plan. I believe there is not a whole lot of difference at the park than there was two weeks ago,” said Councilman Jim Landriault.

“We want the park to come up to our required ordinance. You knew the requirements when you purchased the park. We are right back where we started,” he added.

The issue of the manufactured homes in the park, which is a clear violation of the RV ordinance, was also discussed. One of the owners indicated that city staff had told him originally that the manufactured homes could stay. City staff denied having given them that information. Staff reminded the owners that they had been furnished with a copy of the RV ordinance created in 2007.


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