Arkansas Corps Park Welcomes Hospital Patients

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Patients with cancer or other illnesses that require ongoing treatment at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock are now welcome to stay at the Maumelle Park Campground, a 129-site park run by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

The new Army Corps of Engineers/UAMS partnership means patients such as 65-year-old Sally Stenseng, who is being treated for lung cancer at the center, no longer have to campground hop while she undergoes months of chemo and radiation, according to 

Her husband, Ron, said, “There are days after treatment she crashes on the couch and that’s where she is the rest of the day, so to not have to move and have the worry of where are we going next, what are we going to do, we gotta stay close and the proximity to UAMS, this is just phenomenal.” 

In a ceremony that brought the head of the entire U.S. Corps of Engineers to Little Rock, Lt. Gen. Van Antwerp, 10 new campsites were dedicated just for medical patients. 

Miles Johnson with the Corps said launching this program was an easy decision to make. 

“It’ll be a great thing for our rangers,” said Johnson. “When our camping stays were limited, it put them in a very difficult position of having to ask people to leave who are in dire straits.” 

Sally Stensend added, “It just kinda gives you a feeling for what they’re going through at the same time and how they feel.” 

Now instead of worrying about which campground to pack up and move to every other week, Sally and Ron can focus on the more important things, like beating Sally’s cancer and enjoying sweet moments like feeding the geese together at the campground. 

You don’t have to be a cancer patient to stay there, but most of the campers are. You do need to be a UAMS patient; however if the sites are not full, the Corps will take patients from other facilities.


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