Campground Fee Hike Upsets Council

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The village council in Cumberland, British Columbia, is considering running its campground itself after Holiday Trails Resort decided to up the fees to camp by 20%, according to the Comox Valley Echo.
“It kind of bothers me a bit,” said Council member Bronco Moncrief, referring to the rate increase and the village’s municipal contract with Holiday Trails, Canada’s largest RV resort management system.
“The village is responsible for everything. With the rates here, maybe we should be running it ourselves.
“I heard it off the record that they made a big pile of money out there last year.”
Under the terms of the agreement, Holiday Trails must provide the rationale for any rate increase to the council, but need not seek its permission. The 57-acre RV park is located three miles west of the village.
Councilwoman Kate Greening said she found the agreement the village entered into with the campground operator “kind of interesting.”
“They got to run it how they wanted to run it,” she said. “Right now we don’t have any say, really, in whether the fees go up or not, that’s their call from the agreement.”
None of the village’s council members supported the rate increase and none appeared particularly pleased with the service provided by Holiday Trails.
“I don’t think they’ve done anything other than regular maintenance,” said Council member Leslie Baird. “I think they need to justify this rate increase, and saying their costs are going up isn’t good enough.”
The current lease expires in September.
Holiday Trails has previously said it would not seek a long-term lease unless and until its request for a development permit to expand the park is granted by the Comox Valley Regional District. The park has less than 100 sites, and most are for tents.
The firm has, however, expressed interest in re-negotiating another short-term contract to allow the development process to play out.
The council agreed to write a letter to Holiday Trails to request its financial statements and information on any work done to improve the campground over the last two years. Council members remain opposed to any rate increase until that information is provided.


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