Overnight Camping Cut at Florida’s Fort Pierce

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One county’s budget cuts forced officials to close a popular park to overnight campers on Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

St. Lucie County officials announced there will be no more overnight camping and no kayak rentals at Savannas Park, all starting today (May 1), according to WPEC-TV, West Palm Beach, Fla.

The county is cutting back. Low summer attendance, staff reductions and low water levels for kayaks pushed them to this point.

The county says the park will remain open for free during the day and everyone is welcome. They don’t want to stop overnight stays, but feel it’s the best option for now. While visitors say they are disappointed, they’ll be back come fall.

The county says right now there are plans to resume overnight camping on Oct. 1.


One Response to “Overnight Camping Cut at Florida’s Fort Pierce”

  1. james nicholas on June 20th, 2014 10:53 am

    I would like to start out by saying its a beautiful park to stay in, but there are some concerns that needed to be addressed. First thing, the internet out here sucks. I have Netflix to watch TV at night and check e-mails also.
    The front gate that opens automatically is broken, sometimes it takes 10-15 Min to get in or out of the park.
    The walking trails grass is over knee high and over the bridges the tree limbs are hanging so low you have to bend down to get across.
    Someone took down the basketball hoop, now there’s just a pole sticking out of the ground. There is no volleyball net, just the poles.
    For what it costs here, it’s not worth it. I stayed at a county park in Lakeland, Fla., about three hours away. They charge $14 a night and that park had everything, even a horseshoe pit and a shooting range, and they didn’t charge an ungodly sales tax like they do here. For one month it’s $600 and $65 in sales tax on top, so why not make it better and you will have more people staying here during the summer. Maybe offer an RV dealership if they sell a new motorhome, give the customer a discounted stay for a week in the Savannahs.