British Columbia Loses Campsites at Rapid Pace

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Campsites all over British Columbia have been disappearing. 

Campground owners are selling off their land to developers due to skyrocketing property taxes, according to 

Todd’s RV and Camping in Peachland, British Columbia, is one campground that is set to close, despite being in business for a strong 52 years. 

Its owner, Graham Todd says he’s been aware that a closure would be on its way for years. 

“For 20 years I’ve been saying it’ll be about five years,” Todd said. “It will happen one day.” 

Around the Okanagan, the business of running a campground seems to have had its day. 

Al Dallamore, an experienced Okanagan camper, says campgrounds are hard to find these days. 

“They are becoming almost extinct in the Okanagan,” he said. 

A few lakefront campgrounds still exist in the area, but they are few and far between. Four hundred individual camping spots were lost between Kelowna and Peachland in the last couple of years, with many being used as space for new condominiums. 

Pat Van Roekel, the owner of the West Bay RV Resort, which will also close down soon, says not even an upswing in the economy is expected to bring them back. 

“Where are the new campgrounds going to be built?” Van Roekel said. “Land is too valuable.” 

It all means fewer options will be available for young families and the next generation of campers may be forced away from places like the Okanagan for their vacations.


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