Evergreen Releases Safety Video for Clients

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Evergreen insurance has finished production of its latest safety video, “Dead & Dying Trees.” 

This video, which is about 20 minutes in length, is being given to all clients at the time of their inspection or by request if they want to have it sooner, according to a news release. 

The video was produced exclusively for campgrounds and RV parks and highlights the issues that owners and operators need to be aware of at their businesses. 

This is the fourth in a series of safety videos all specifically tailored to the camping industry. The other videos in the series are “How to Report a Claim,” “Then He Was Gone” (swim area safety) and “Slips, Trips and Falls.” 

Risk Manager Mike Pulk coordinated and scripted the latest video which was filmed at the former Bay of Naples Campground. 

“I’ve already had some campground and RV park owners tell me the video has been helpful in bringing awareness to the ever present danger of trees,” he said. “Knowing how much time and effort Evergreen has put into this video, and the others, it’s great to know our efforts to help minimize hazards for our client is working.” 

Lucas Hartford, Evergreen president, said, “Prior to 2004 the most frequently occurring claim in the camping industry was slips, trips and falls. Since 2004 the most frequent has become dead and dying trees and limbs causing injuries to campers and their property. This video discusses what campgrounds and RV parks need to do to provide the safest possible environment for their campers and reduce their liability. We are thrilled to be able to provide this to our clients who work hard to maintain safe businesses.” 

The Evergreen insurance program provides liability and property insurance to hundreds of campgrounds and RV parks throughout the United States. 

To request more information on the Evergreen insurance program call (800)-343-7900 or send an e-mail to You can also visit Evergreen online at


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