Florida Gulf Park Wants to Add 800 Sites

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map_smlThe county commission in Citrus County, Fla., has decided to proceed with the process of consideration of planned land-use changes and expansion plans of an RV park near Inglis on the state’s Gulf Coast. 

The commission decided to forward the application for changes to the Department of Community Affairs, which essentially gives the River Lodge RV Resort , shown in map at left, room to proceed, according to Citrus Daily

The request for land-use changes and expansion plans have been presented to the county’s Planning and Development Review Board, which voiced its approval, and county staff. 

The park’s owners are developing a master plan for the property, which would include approximately 800 more RV spaces on an adjacent parcel they obtained in December 2008. The initial plan also calls for adding a 9-hole golf course with artificial turf and a wastewater treatment plant. The park currently has 143 spaces. 

In recent county commission and PDRB meetings, residents who live on the same road as the RV park have objected to any land-use development changes or expansion of the park. At this week’s meeting, six residents voiced their concerns about the RV park owner’s plans, citing overpopulation of the area, transient workers that would work at the new Progress Energy plants when construction begins and problems evacuating during a nuclear or natural disaster. 

Clark Stilwell, attorney for the RV park owners, said that the people who would be using the park would be using it as a recreational area, and that the RVs were commercial-use, and not “homes.” He also acknowledged that 16 residents living near the park have voiced objections to the park owners’ plans.


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