Oregon State Parks Amend Reservation System

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oprd_smBeginning Aug. 1, campers booking advanced reservations in Oregon state park campgrounds will be required to pay for each night of their reservation at the time of booking. 

In the past, they were required to pay for the first night only, according to The Oregonian, Portland. 

Reservations may still be changed in the future. However, those who book a reservation for more than five days and wish to shorten their stay will lose a fee equal to one-night’s rental of the facility 

That fee varies, depending on the campground, site amenities and whether it is a cabin or yurt. 

The rule change was adopted by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission on May 21. It takes effect in time for the mid-August nine-month booking window for next Memorial Day weekend, the start of the traditional camping season. 

The system was changed after a series of public hearings and meetings. 

Abuses In Old System 

The old system had been widely overbooked when campers learned they could book reservations nine months in advance, plus a 14-day maximum length of stay. This led to people reserving sites nine months and 14 days ahead of popular weekends, then canceling the days they didn’t want without penalty. 

They can still book nine months and 14 days out, but will have to pay for every night of the reservation and would lose one-night’s rental, if they shorten their reservation of more than five days. 

The booking fee for reservations remains at $6. 

The telephone reservation fee system change takes effect Aug. 3. 

Campers have until Aug. 1 to change reservations without penalties under the current system.


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