Profaizer’s ARVC Perspective: 2009 Camping Outlook Positive

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ARVC has been conducting a consumer survey on several of the state association websites as well as and it shows that compared to 2008: 

  • 49% (up 13% over 2008) plan to travel more than 200 miles on their RV trip. 
  • 25.4% plan to take 10-plus trips in 2009 (up 12% from 2008). 
  • 40.2% plan to take four to 10 trips compared to 30% in 2008. 
  • 24% plan to stay 15-plus nights on a typical camping trip. 

All are good statistics pointing to slightly increased camping overall.

The media has been very interested in the RV park/campground sector of the outdoor hospitality industry thanks in no small part to the efforts of Jeff Crider, ARVC’s PR agent. The latest contacts have been with travel radio shows like TravelTalk Radio, the Today Show,ReutersNewsday, the Waterbury (Conn.) Republic, the New York Times and the Desoto (Fla.) Sun Herald. All media have been very positive and that kind of publicity, even if not in your own background, builds interest in going camping. ARVC press releases can be viewed on the website, click on press/media on the navigation bar. 

Oglebay Management School 
Provides High Value to Attendees
Denise Gallo and Denne Yenchochic, owner/operators of River’s Edge Camping and Cabins in Connellsville, Pa., attended the 2009 National RV Park and Campground Management School and had the following to say: 

“We attended the campground management school in hopes of gaining “text-book” knowledge to assist us in running our business better. What we gained from the school was much more than book knowledge. The opportunity to share meaningful stories with and among some of the nation’s most impressive campground owners was invaluable. Much of what we learned will shape our business decisions now and in the future.” 

Registration for the 2010 school year is now available. Class dates are scheduled for Feb. 16-20 and early registration is highly recommended (only 90 first-year student spaces are available). The subject matter taught in the National RV Park and Campground Management School classes combine theory, best business practices and practical application to provide students with a more academic approach to understanding the subject matter and incorporating the learning objectives into their every day business activities. 

Many people have found that attendance at the school helps them better understand the industry and campground operations. Attendance can re-affirm a decision to purchase a park or work in the industry or, in some cases, do the opposite. Those with extensive backgrounds in the business and those without any operating experience will gain considerable insights into the business of campground management. 

Learn more about the School, tuition, curriculum, and register online at 

National RV Park 
School Introduces PIE
Do you have a number of employees that you want to send to the RV School but can’t afford to send them all at the same time? ARVC, the ARVC Foundation, and Oglebay have collectively designed a new program to assist you – Partners in Education (PIE). Contact Cheryl Smith, ARVC Director of Education at or (303) 681-0401 ext. 18 to find out more about this new program that will benefit you and your employees. 

ARVC Bylaw Changes 
Deal with Board Quorums
Recent ARVC board of director meetings resulted in a variety of changes to the ARVC bylaws. These changes are subject to veto by a two-thirds majority vote of those members present at the annual meeting, which will be held Nov. 9 at the InSites Convention & Outdoor Hospitality Expo in Orlando, Fla. 

The quorum required to conduct the business of ARVC at any meeting of the voting members properly called shall be the voting members present at the meeting (Article XVII, Section 4). 

For a complete copy of the ARVC Bylaws, ARVC members may go to the Member’s Only section of Members may also contact their board representative. A complete list of board members and their contact information was published in the May 2009 ARVC Report. 

Federal Land Agency 
2010 Budget Proposals
The Obama Administration on May 7 released the details of its 2010 budget proposals, calling for major funding hikes for federal land agencies. A preliminary review shows that some of the projected increases include: 

  • Park Service Operations would be increased $134.5 million over the final 2009 appropriation of $2.1 billion. 
  • The National Park Service Centennial Challenge is not mentioned in the Obama budget, which instead proposes $25 million for a Treasured Landscapes Program, which would, like the proposed Challenge, have to be matched with non-federal donations. 
  •  The overall National Forest Service System budget would stay at the 2009 level of $1.5 billion. 
  • The Forest Legacy Program would receive an increase of $41.6 million to a new 2010 level of $91 million. 
  •  A new emergency firefighting fund of $357 million would be established with $282 million for the Forest Service and $75 million for the Interior Department. 

It will now be up to the House and Senate appropriations committees to decide what they want to recommend to the full House and Senate as the final 2010 agency budgets. ARVC intends to participate in this congressional appropriations process for the 2010 agency budgets.


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