RV Park Home to 10 Sex Offender Parolees

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Imagine logging onto the Internet and discovering 10 sex offenders living near your home. 

That’s what one resident of a San Diego RV park found out right before she contacted her local TV station, KFMB-TV, San Diego. 

County Creek RV Park in Flinn Springs is home to 10 convicted sex offenders: six child molesters and four rapists. Neighbors were surprised to find out, even though their mug shots are listed on the Megan’s Law website. 

“Of course, I do have concerns. We have a lot of children in this park, you know,” a resident said. 

One resident e-mailed the News 8 CrimeFighters, saying: 

“In our row alone there are eight registered sex offenders… I watch as their girlfriends bring their children over… I don’t understand how these people can be living in a family park…” 

Convicted child molester Mark Gibson is supposed to stay away from kids as a condition of his parole. Gibson wouldn’t speak on camera, but told the TV crew off camera he avoids children in the RV park. 

Parolee Ron East is also ordered to keep away from kids. 

“There’s kids here but I stay to myself, go to work and come home. That’s all I do,” he said. 

East says his parole agent told him about the RV park because it’s one of the few places that meets the conditions of Jessica’s Law, 2,000 feet away from any school or park. 

“Agent told me this was the only place I can go,” East said. 

He even showed his GPS tracking device that keeps him out of the pool where children sometimes swim. 

“I can’t go to the pool. We can’t get in the water,” he said. 

None of these sex offenders are violating the law, and they are not wanted by police. The management of the park isn’t breaking the law either by renting to 10 different sex offenders, because technically they are all living in different units. 

Neighbors say they have little recourse. 

“I’m a little concerned, but if this is where they’re going to hide them at, what am I supposed to do about it,” a neighbor said. 

Other residents don’t seem to mind that they’re living across the street from a convicted rapist. 

“He doesn’t come associate with us, he’s just a great neighbor. He doesn’t bother anybody. He’s a hard working man,” a neighbor said. 

The park manager declined to speak on camera. News 8 contacted her by telephone and asked her about the 10 sex offenders. All she had to say was, “They have to live somewhere.”


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