Swarming Bees Force Campground Closure

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Jumbo Rocks at sunset

Jumbo Rocks at sunset

Swarming bees prompted the closure Thursday (July 9) of Jumbo Rocks Campground at Joshua Tree National Park, east of Los Angeles, possibly until Aug. 10, according to the Riverside, Calif.,Press-Enterprise


Ryan Campground, which had been closed for the summer, was reopened to compensate for the temporary loss of campsites, according to a National Park Service news release. Ryan is about six miles west of Jumbo Rocks. 

Swarms of bees seeking moisture have been harassing campers at Jumbo Rocks. The bees are not aggressive, according to the park service. 

As the summer gets hotter and drier, bees look for water anywhere they can find it – including car radiators, coolers, drink containers, trash cans, restrooms and even sweat on human skin, according to the park’s news release. 

Although the insects generally don’t sting, their presence can be annoying and, for people allergic to bee stings, potentially dangerous. 

The campground will reopen Aug. 10, or sooner if the bee invasion eases, the park service said.


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