Evergreen Notes Rising Need for Surge Protectors

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Editor’s Note: This column was provided by Lucas Hartford of Evergreen USA.

In the 35 years that Evergreen has been insuring the camping industry, we have seen the frequency of surge related claims rise nearly 15fold!  This may be a little because of changes in nature, but the vast majority of this 1,500% increase is due to equipment being much smaller, delicate and sensitive to surges and spikes. 

Every year our lives become more dependent upon electronic equipment. And every year electronic equipment gets smaller and more sophisticated.  While this can help our businesses to move forward and advance, we have to realize that more sophisticated equipment is much more delicate and relies more heavily on a good power source. Just as a light bulb filament heats up and burns out eventually, so can the circuitry of equipment when it is subjected to power fluctuations. And today’s equipment is very delicate to these fluctuations.

Campgrounds and RV parks have a great deal of equipment that is sensitive to surges and spikes.  The most common things that Evergreen sees that are affected by power surges and spikes include:

  •      Entrance/exit gates.
  •      Well pumps.
  •      Swimming pool pumps.
  •      Computers.
  •      Credit card machines.
  •      Fax machines.
  •      Televisions.

Some people may feel that the expense of putting a surge protector in to protect this equipment is unwarranted, since it is insured but this is near sighted.  A big reason for needing a surge protector is that equipment is often not suddenly destroyed by a surge that can be insured, but rather it is slowly destroyed by many surges that cause the equipment to have mechanical type issues that may not be insured. 

Another reason is that while the insurance may pay for some of the electronic devices to be repaired (or a new one purchased), there is a definite cost of time and energy for having the piece of machinery out of operation and waiting for it to be replaced or repaired.

A surge suppressor for your equipment is a wise investment, can be purchased relatively inexpensively and is readily available at most any hardware or electronics store.

In addition to surge suppressors it is important to make sure that equipment like pumps and electronic security gates are properly grounded.  Often a commercial surge suppressor can be purchased and installed in-line to prevent these units from getting destroyed. For a $100 investment you may be able to save your well pump from a mid-season failure and this could be the best investment you make all year.


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