Health Care Workers Aid Homeless Campers

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Doctors and nurses from Nashville’s Summit Hospital are providing the home cooking for families who’ve lost their homes during the recession. They served the meal Sunday (Aug. 2) at the Timberline Campgrounds in Lebanon, Tenn., where at least 60 families are currently living in tents or campers due to the recession, according to WZTV, Nashville. 

Summit nurse, Kathy Kendrick says, “These folks are good working, hard working people that have just lost their home sand lost their jobs and you know … any one of us could be out here in this situation. Thats why we’re here to help someone else”. 

The families say they’re doing the best they can to survive. 

Laurie Bowen, her husband and 15-year-old daughter have lived at the campground for more than a year. Bowen says they were forced to move when her husband lost his job and a tornado ripped through their rented home. Laurie Bowen says, “We’ve got a roof over our head. My husband brings plants all the time so my yard is covered in plants, so we make it home. We make it home. That’s all we can do.” 

Bowen says a home-cooked meal, prepared by neighbors outside the campgrounds, also nourishes their spirits. 

“It’s awesome. It’s a blessing because a lot of people through here they feel like they’ve been forgotten about or people just don’t car about them … this shows that this is a community,” Bowen said.


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