Plan for 789-Lot Alabama RV Park Turned Down

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A 740-acre, 789-lot RV park development will not be coming to Gulf Shores, Ala., after the application was denied by the planning and zoning commission at a recent meeting.

The applicant, A and D Investments, owned by Al Carney of Carney Realty, who has been in business in the area for over 30 years, also wanted the underlying future land use plan changed from its current low density to medium density residential designation to a recreational vehicle designation, according to

What this would mean for present residents in subdivisions located along County Road 6 would be traffic. That was the concern expressed by numerous citizens who attended the public meeting to protest the development.

The proposal first appeared before the Baldwin County Planning Commission in May 2008 and the commission voted 5-2 to deny the proposal.

Several petitions from surrounding neighborhoods were received by the planning and zoning commission all stating that they were in opposition to the proposal.

Plans for the development of the RV park, which is designed to be constructed in eight phases, included several clubhouses, recreational facilities, some retail areas, walking trails, several lakes, picnic areas, a boardwalk in the wetlands area, and a shuttle service.

While traffic has already become an issue along County Road 6, concerns included the fact that several residential subdivisions have already been approved along the road that have not yet been developed.  In addition, the Gulf Shores Sportsplex is located in the area as well.

Scott Jackson of Jackson Consulting Group was on hand, representing A and D Investments. 

“The folks who are putting this together are local people, they are here to stay and they are committed to making this a quality project,” Jackson said.

Jackson said that the only residential area that is immediately adjacent to the proposed property to be developed is Shady Woods Court, with the remainder of the property being bordered by an RV-mobile home park, some industrial warehouse storage, a concrete facility, some vacant land and land to the south that is presently owned by the developer.

Carney, who also addressed the commission, said that based on the property that surrounded the development, he was certain that this would be an improvement to the area.

Still, residents in the area said this was not something they wanted to see being developed close to their homes.

“Our mayor has been talking about having these little neighborhood meetings to find out how your citizens feel,” said resident Sharon Moore. “You all know how your citizens feel.  You’ve got petitions telling you how your citizens feel.”

Moore said that the Gulf State Park is full of RVs and that County Road 6 already has four RV parks

“Thank goodness that when this came before the county, they listened to their citizens and denied this.”

Tom Hutton, head of the homeowners association of Summerwood, a 49-home subdivision along County Road 6 just west of the Sportsplex, also expressed concerns.

“County Road 6 used to be a rural road before the Sportsplex was built and the apartments were built where the Woodlands Golf Course used to be.  But those are up and operating right now,” said Hutton. “But also approved yet not operating that will affect the traffic on County Road 6 is a subdivision where 111 of the 112 proposed homes have not yet been built, and McNeil Place where 38 out of 48 homes have yet to be built.”

Hutton said that with what has already been developed, he has noticed considerable traffic issues.

“I can imagine that if we had an evacuation for a hurricane or whatever, and we have a line up of just the people who live here now, then we have to worry about 700 RVs potentially, that will be a situation I hope I am not here to view.”

When the approval of the project came to a vote, it was denied by the planning commission, with only two members voting for the project.


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