Wacky Shack Bungalows Hit Camping Market

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Wacky Shack in transport mode

Wacky Shack in transport mode

Coming soon to your campground may be the newest twist on camping: the Wacky Shack Bungalow.

This weekend, at Bass Pro Shop’s Fall Hunter’s Classic, Fast Master Products Inc. of Katy, Texas, will introduce Wacky Shack Bungalows, according to a news release. The six-person sleeping unit, made of heavy duty 14-oz. waterproof canvas, featuring an air conditioner, heater port, Flood Guard flooring, Rain Shield 99 Technology, and a heavy duty steel support and frame system, is mounted on the no fishtail, no jackknife swivel wheel transporter unit. 

Included with all units, is a 14′ x 8′ “Patio cover” which can be easily converted to sleep six more adults comfortably, with the optional party room attachment. The entire unit collapses into a 5′ x 6′ x 8″ portable package, with a dirt-, dust- and rain-proof, soft PVC cover.

Fast Master began development of Wacky Shack Bungalows after several travel and leisure publications began to report that Americans are indeed viewing camping as a fun, much less expensive family vacation and get-together option. A recent survey of public campground operators and owners reported record increases in bookings for the spring, summer and fall seasons, and while large RV and pull-behind camper sales have been dismal, sporting goods retailers have seen steadily rising sales in camping and hiking gear.

Since it’s mounted on the company’s patented Swivel wheel transporter unit, it can be pulled by most rear-wheel drive cars, crossovers, SUVs, small trucks or full-size trucks, with a class III or higher receiver package. It will not jackknife or fishtail, eliminating the need to know how to back a trailer, because it simply tracks with the towing vehicle.

Wacky Shack ready to use

Wacky Shack ready to use


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