Iowa City Gets $750,000 to Renovate Campground

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As the city of Storm Lake, Iowa, prepares to begin construction of the Sunrise Campground renovation, local leaders were excited to hear an announcement early this week that the project had been chosen to receive $700,000 in I-JOB grant funding from the state, according to the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

According to Gov. Chet Culver, the funding comes from a $750 million plan to create jobs, invest in Iowa’s infrastructure, strengthen the economy and build a ‘greener’ state. City Clerk Justin Yarosevich said he figures the time allotment to spend the money will be short as the state goal is to create jobs. City officials are completing the plan now, and hope to begin work before winter. 

“It will be our goal and has been our goal to get this construction started this construction season yet,” Yarosevich said. 

Original estimates for the project were created in 2005, and city officials anticipate that costs have increased. The funding is timely, as the city seeks to add a new complex with an office, vending and shower rooms; and modernized pull-though campsites to allow for today’s larger camping units. Currently, $1.5 million is budgeted for the projects. 

The city is looking to promote and build energy efficiency components into the project, Yarosevich said. Although they are still in the planning stages, possibilities include added natural lighting and solar panels in the buildings. Contribution to sustainability and energy efficiency was one of the criteria factored in when selecting projects for the grants. 

A plan should go to the city council during a strategy session later this month. A public hearing would follow. According to Culver’s I-Job’s website, funds that aren’t used within a year will be re-allocated and all funds must be expended within three years.


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