Ohio Campground Owners Plan Fall Tour

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The Ohio Campground Owners Association (OCOA) will hold its annual Fall Fun Day and POOT Tour Oct. 28-29 at the Lodge and Conference Center in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.

During the conference, OCOA members spend time visiting several campgrounds in that region and partaking in a Fun Day taking in the sites, attractions and activities of the area, according to the association’s current e-newsletter.

This year’s conference is being hosted by the Northeast District and was planned by Grace DiDomenico of Heritage Hills Campground in Thompson, Ohio.

The conference kicks off Oct. 28 with a  visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, followed by dinner and a cracker barrel.

On Oct. 29 the group will tour Northeast District member campgrounds including: Willow Lake Campground (Geneva); Evergreen Park RV Resort (Conneaut); Bay Shore Family Camping (Andover); Buccaneer Campsites (Jefferson); and Indian Creek Camping Resort (Geneva-on-the-Lake).

Throughout the day, members will partake in a progressive meal with food/beverages supplied at each campground visit. The day concludes with dessert and a review session/cracker barrel at the final campground, Indian Creek Camping Resort, before returning to the hotel and adjourning.


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