Rio Grande Valley RV Park Loses Gas Service

September 18, 2009 by   - () Comments Off on Rio Grande Valley RV Park Loses Gas Service

Hundreds of people at a McAllen, Texas, RV park have been without natural gas for cooking and firing their water heater for five days now. They called KRGV-TV, Rio Grande Valley.

Folks at the Homestead Ranch RV park are preparing many of their meals outside.

Joe Plamas told the TV station news crew, “Everybody who has gas is either nuking it and we’re kind of like balogna’d out, you know, sandwiches.”

No gas also means no hot water.  “We have a lot of children in this park. Its hard to get them to take an ice cold shower,” Plamas said.

According to residents this is the problem: Last Sunday a truck backed into a gas line, breaking it and it hasn’t been repaired.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS finally found a crew that was working on the problem. A supervisor said they had been trying to make repairs but hadn’t been able to pass inspections by the city, the Texas Railroad Commission and the Texas Gas Service.

“We’ve run some tests through our gas lines and now we have a few leaks that we’re fixing and until we fix those leaks, then we will get the service going,” said Alfonso Cantu, park supervisor.


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