City Aggressive in Safety Issue at California Campground

October 8, 2009 by   - () Comments Off on City Aggressive in Safety Issue at California Campground

The Lakeport, Calif., city attorney told staff Tuesday (Oct. 6) at the Lakeport City Council meeting to give notice and take down a gate at Willow Point RV & Campground if it blocks police and fire access.

Councilman Roy Parmentier brought up the issue of the campground, which Fire Chief Ken Wells said poses a risk because fire personnel can’t enter through the closed gate, according to the Lake County Record-Bee.

“If it’s a health and safety issue, take it down,” city attorney Steven Brookes said.

Brookes, Wells and council members said a delay in safety response could result in a death.

“We shouldn’t be handicapped by going the long way around or on a bridge,” Brookes said.

Fire crews responding to an emergency at the campground have to go the long way to enter through another gate or risk driving heavy equipment on a bridge that may not handle the weight, Wells said.

“I’m with Steve,” Wells said. “Let’s go get a winch and tear it down.”


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