City Aggressive in Safety Issue at California Campground

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The Lakeport, Calif., city attorney told staff Tuesday (Oct. 6) at the Lakeport City Council meeting to give notice and take down a gate at Willow Point RV & Campground if it blocks police and fire access.

Councilman Roy Parmentier brought up the issue of the campground, which Fire Chief Ken Wells said poses a risk because fire personnel can’t enter through the closed gate, according to the Lake County Record-Bee.

“If it’s a health and safety issue, take it down,” city attorney Steven Brookes said.

Brookes, Wells and council members said a delay in safety response could result in a death.

“We shouldn’t be handicapped by going the long way around or on a bridge,” Brookes said.

Fire crews responding to an emergency at the campground have to go the long way to enter through another gate or risk driving heavy equipment on a bridge that may not handle the weight, Wells said.

“I’m with Steve,” Wells said. “Let’s go get a winch and tear it down.”


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