‘Wild Bunch’ Rallies this Weekend in South Carolina

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Members of the ”The Wild Bunch,”  a group of RV enthusiasts 100 members strong who travel around the country in their motor coaches,  are on Lake Greenwood in Cross Hill, S.C., this weekend (Oct.1-3) for a rally at Cane Creek RV Resort and Marina.

This is just a group of friends that have met over the years at different RV parks,”  Cane Creek owner Mel Weaver told the Greenwood (S.C.) Index Journal. “They told me that in an average rally they will usually have 15-20 (motor coaches). We’ve got almost 30 (coaches) here this weekend, so they are really pleased with the turnout.”

States represented at this weekend’s rally include South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, Michigan and more.

Wild Bunch member Gene Taggart of Bluffton, S.C., discussed the club and how he got involved.

“The Wild Bunch is about 15 years old,” Taggart said. “I was the 64th member out of 100. They try to keep it at 100 and they try to keep it at an active 100. If you don’t go to at least one rally every two years you get kicked out.

“So far we haven’t been kicked out.”

Taggart said the RV culture, particularly as it pertains to groups like the Wild Bunch, in which $500,000-$1 million motor coaches are common, is one that is naturally enamored with travel.

“Well, we are all travelers and everybody’s been everywhere,” Taggart said. “On a personal level, I think our best rally was up through Montana and into the Canadian rockies. We drove all the way across Canada. In fact, we’ve been to Canada twice.”

Taggart said Cane Creek is among the more picturesque resorts in which the group has had a rally.

“We love Cane Creek,” he said. “We really like Greenwood and all the little towns around here. We wanted to be somewhere that was close enough to take a day trip up into the mountains and this is (close enough). It’s just an ideal location for us. We love this lake. Lake Greenwood is one of the prettiest lakes we’ve ever seen.”

Taggart’s wife, Gloria, said Wild Bunch members were going to take buses into town during the rally to eat at local restaurants and to shop.

“We have several events in local restaurants,” she said. “We are also going (to Uptown Greenwood) on the bus one day for people to walk around downtown.”

Gene Taggart said he enjoys having so many “neighbors” from all around the United States.

“Obviously, it’s pretty good,” he said. “If you put on a rally, these folks will come out. It is a real plus to be able to see these people. We know almost all of these people from other rallies and they are all members of our club. What that means is that they have traveled to the same places we have traveled. We have friends and ‘neighbors’ all up and down the coast and a few even out west.”

Weaver, who opened Cane Creek last year, said he is pleased with the progress the resort has made and the amenities it offers. As he sat outside his own motor coach, perched at the highest point at Cane Creek, and gazed down upon the rally, Weaver said he was satisfied with the way things have turned out.

“I’m amazed, because I really don’t have a creative bone in my body,” Weaver said. “I think (the resort) came out better that I ever pictured it in my mind’s eye.”


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