Good Sam Club’s ‘RVer of the Year’ on ‘RV Buddies’

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When in Albuquerque, N.M., “RV Buddies” had a chance to sit down and film a segment with Richard Daniels, the Good Sam Club’s inaugural “RVer of the Year.” That video is now live on

Richard Daniels (left), Good Sam Club's "RVer of the Year award recipient for 2009, speaks with "RV Buddies host Mark Summers.

Richard Daniels (left), Good Sam Club's "RVer of the Year" award recipient for 2008, speaks with "RV Buddies" host Mark Summers.

The award, which was created to recognize outstanding achievement benefiting fellow RVers and the community at large, was presented to Daniels at the 10th anniversary of the nation’s largest RV rally, which is popularly known as “The Rally.”

In an interview with “RV Buddies” host Mark Summers, Daniels chronicled the story of a life based in giving, including years devoted to Baptist ministry work. Now in “retirement,” he devotes his life to animals – because of the remarkable dog that started it all – “Old Fella,” according to a news release.

What began as a vacation in Modoc, South Carolina, over Labor Day weekend in 2005 for Daniels, became the beginning of a life-changing discovery. He came upon a shy, thin dog with part of one leg missing. While the dog accepted food, he kept his distance. After leaving the RV park, Daniels was moved and spent much time talking with friends on the Good Sam Internet forums seeking advice and counsel. He returned to the RV park several times slowing gaining the dog’s trust until he was able to rescue him and welcome him into his own home.

It was this event that changed Daniels’ life and began a new chapter – still being written – that has saved countless animals’ lives. Sadly, Old Fella crossed the rainbow bridge in 2008. Nevertheless, Daniels’ work continues and a statue of “Old Fella” is to be raised in his town of Waynesboro, Ga., to honor his memory and to pay homage to the American ideal that one man, one action, can make a difference in many lives.


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