Mississippi Community Adds 39-Site RV Park

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The Lincoln Center in Brookhaven, Miss., with its sophisticated new moniker, also has new parking spots. To be specific, 39 concrete recreational vehicle slots, complete with water, sewer and electrical hookups.

Area dignitaries gathered at the Lincoln Center Monday (Nov. 16) to cut the ribbon on the new RV park and to christen the facility under its new name. Lincoln Center Manager Quinn Jordan said the RV park project was one that made a lot of financial sense, according to the Brookhaven Daily Leader.

“We looked at what would be the best return for our investment,” he said. “This will bring people into Lincoln County where they’ll spend their tax dollars, shop in local shops and eat at local restaurants. We thought it was the best way to create economic impact in Lincoln County.”

The multi-purpose commission also chose to undertake the RV park project because of its potential to pay for itself, officials said. It cost $575,000, with $250,000 available via a grant from the Pearl River Basin Development District.

“An RV park is needed in this area, because when there are events at the multi-purpose building, it gives another option for people who come to Brookhaven,” said commission member McNair Smith. “We hope to see this really impact our community. This is a beautiful place and we have a lot of pride in what’s going on here.”

Some local leaders are excited about the project because it allows visitors to park their RVs and stay for days.

“We hope to draw as many people to this area as we can,” said District 92 Rep. Becky Currie. “This is one more tool that we can use, because it’s a place for people to hook up and stay when they come in for events in Lincoln County.”

District 39 Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith said the addition of the RV park at the complex is one that has been needed for some time.

“Throughout the state, when we attend many functions, you can bring your RV and hook it up, but until now you couldn’t do that here,” she said. “This allows us to market to more events and more individuals … so many people have campers, it’s great for us to be able to offer this opportunity.”

PRBDD Executive Vice President Mike Davis said officials of the Pearl River Basin Development District are happy to help Lincoln County with improvement projects.

“Lincoln County has been a member of the district since it was created in 1964,” he said. “We’re very active in Lincoln County, and there have been a lot of improvements in the multi-purpose building as well as the RV park.”

There are a few specific groups of people officials hope the RV park will draw to the county. The first, of course, is the demographic brought in by events at the Lincoln Center, as well as at the neighboring Hansel King Sports Complex.

The facility currently hosts rodeos and livestock events, as well proms, balls, weddings and wedding receptions, family reunions and other gatherings. Multi-purpose officials said the commission aims to host car shows, gun shows and other trade events at the facility in the future.


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