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Anyone who has spent an evening around a campfire sharing stories with new friends knows – campers have more fun. Now there is a new place where RVers and campers from North America can come together to share experiences even when they are not on the road.

A new website,, is another  resource for travelers to both report on and learn about the best campgrounds across the continent.

“About 18 months ago my wife, Stacey, and I were starting to plan our camping season for the year and everyone including us wants to know the best places to try,” said J.T. Kennedy, creator. “And I found the best way to discover new places was by talking to other campers.”

“Usually, if you are searching for a campground and you go to their website, all you see are close-up pictures of flowers or trees, but you don’t get a feel for the campgrounds themselves,” Kennedy added. “But when campers go to a campground, they can share useful information with you about where they have gone, which parks are good and which ones are not so good.”

Kennedy, of Kitchener, Ontario, set out to create a site where campers could upload their photos, write their own reviews and browse a directory of campgrounds that have joined the website. The forum allows travelers to communicate with each other, sharing articles and funny stories, while the directory can provide information at their fingertips on a wide variety of parks.

“We developed the entire website ourselves,” Kennedy said. “I am a software development professional. We worked on it for about a year and we put it up live at the end of August.”

“We had to do a lot of writing and we put up 15 photo albums from campgrounds we’ve been to, some of them RV, some back country campgrounds,” he added. “We did a write up on each one along with photos. We also compiled the directory and are getting more people signing on each day.”

The website is free to use unless you want to place your campground in the directory. Those who want to contribute content in the forum or photo sections can simply create a free account for each section. Those who are only browsing do not need an account.

Campground owners who want their facility listed in the directory can take advantage of a grand opening special. For the first 200 sites, it is only $1 for 12 months. After that, $19.95 a year.

“We are trying to get as many campgrounds as possible,” Kennedy said. “We are Google Map integrated and there is a sample to show visitors what they might add. Campgrounds can list their site by state or province. Everything is searchable through the directory and criteria matching.”

Kennedy is confident the site will catch on.

“It’s all set up so we should get a lot of hits,” he explained. “The site is designed so that when people are typing in Google, our site will come up. We’ve got a good foundation; now it’s time for people to come and start providing content and sign up for the directory.”

When you travel as much as campers like the Kennedys do, you can discover inspiration in sights as glorious as the Grand Canyon or in things as simple as a T-shirt.

“‘Campers Have More Fun’ – that’s what I saw on a T-shirt,” Kennedy said. “I thought that would be the perfect name for the website. I think campers do have more fun than other people.

“Campers love to tell stories about their experiences. And this is a place for all campers, RVers and backpackers to do just that.” 

Campers have more fun


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