Survey: Cape Cod Residents Support RV Park Protection

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Protect the decades-old cottage colonies and RV parks on Old Wharf Road  in Dennisport, Mass., with new zoning.

That is what a majority of 212 people responding to an online poll told the Dennis Planning Department, according to the Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass.

Town Planner Daniel Fortier sought public feedback on whether zoning should be changed to protect seasonal housing on Old Wharf Road after hearing opposition to town hopes for a destination hotel in the area.

Zoning hasn’t allowed the cottages colonies or RV parks since 1973, but hundreds are grandfathered in along the shores of Nantucket Sound.

Town officials are concerned about the area’s water quality, since many of the cottages and RV parks rely on outdated cesspools.

But the poll results show a number of cottage owners and other Dennis residents see the vacation homes as an integral part of the Dennisport scene.

On his planning blog website, Fortier said 84% of the poll takers wanted Dennis to change its zoning to protect the Old Wharf Road cottages colonies and RV parks.

Among people who identified themselves as cottage or RV owners, the response was even more enthusiastic at 88%.

But 76% of non-cottage and RV owners also thought the area should have protective zoning.

“Family ties to these areas run deep,” Fortier wrote in his planning blog.

“We will need to work on zoning that protects what people have stated they like about this area,” he said. “The board of health will need to be engaged by the residents and owners to address DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) issues. We will need to identify strategies to protect/restore the dune system south of Old Wharf Road. We will need to develop standards that will allow/promote reinvestment in these structures.”

The area’s seasonal housing includes Chase’s Ocean Grove, Salt Air Village, Curtis Pine Grove and Campers Haven. The latter is a Carefree RV Resorts property.

The Nov. 19 meeting of the Dennis Economic Development Committee will address the Old Wharf Road area during its discussion on a hotel resort zoning proposal it has been working on for two years. The 9 a.m. meeting will be televised so that out-of-town cottage owners can watch.


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