WiFiRV Puts New Twist on Internet Service at Parks

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WiFiRV logoWiFiRV, a seven-year-old Internet service provider for the RV, campground and resort industry, has created a way for park owners to generate a new source of revenue by offering wireless Wi-Fi Internet, a standard amenity expected by their patrons.

This is a departure from traditional RV park, campground and resort wireless Wi-Fi Internet options that can cost park owners as much as $2,500 a month for Wi-Fi service, according to a news release.

“We’re the only wireless Wi-Fi Internet service provider in the RV industry that has 70% of our RV resort, park and campground amenities generating income for property owners,” said John Michael Borg II, WiFiRV’s founder and CEO. “Most property owners have bought into to the concept that other providers sell:  that wireless WiFi Internet is a necessary-but-evil expense. WiFiRV is here to prove that’s not the case!”

Borg said that the major difference between WiFiRV and other Internet providers servicing the RV industry is that WiFiRV pays property owners for access to their properties, while alternative providers typically require owners to pay for equipment installation, maintenance, bandwidth and technical support.

“We’ve never believed that property owners should pay for wireless Wi-Fi Internet; instead, they should be rewarded for their hard work to attract patrons we can service with our amenity. In the vast majority of cases, if a property qualifies for the WiFiRV amenity, it’s nearly guaranteed to be a profit center for the location…a new revenue source begins immediately.”

WiFiRV says it is the only Wi-Fi Internet service provider that has over 70% of its RV resort, park and campground amenities generating income for property owners.


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  1. Donna Simmons on November 19th, 2009 2:05 pm

    I, as Assistant Manager, investigated many options for wireless Internet. After considering DSL and broadwand, I made a proposal to our Board of Trustees that WiFiRV was our best choice for our guests and campground. After speaking with Mr. John Borg on a daily basis either by phone or e-mail for several months, we chose WiFiRV because of the 24/7 technical help to our guests, efficient and fast broadband Internet service and monthly cost incentives to recover the intial outlay of funds. Mr. Borg spent many hours negotiating, bargaining, and making proposals to the DSL company and the broadband company. Finally, we were able to go online with WiFiRV in our off season so we could be ready for the peak season.

    We highly recommend WiFiRV and the great service that is offered to our guess. Our staff enjoys telling our guests to call the Tech number for assistance. Another advantage that we had is the increased numbers of visitors to our Web Page. Last year we had 180000+ hits but within six months that we have had WiFiRV, we have had more hits than all of last year. We believe that more people are using the Web to book their reservations and with the amenity of WiFiRV in our Park, more people are booking with us this year.

    Give Mr. Borg a call and just see how wireless Internet service will enhance your service to your guests.


    Donna Simmons
    Assistant manager
    Fort Caspar Campground