Bed Bugs Biting Bakersfield RV Park Residents

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Several residents at a Bakersfield, Calif., RV park say they’re being eaten alive by bugs.

Residents renting trailers and mobile homes at the Oasis Village RV park say a bedbug problem has them itching with concern and frustration, according to KERO-TV, Bakersfield.

For the past two months, bedbug bites have covered residents from head to toe.

Residents say the infestation has spread to several apartments, mobile homes and trailers. The problem hasn’t just caused many people to lose sleep but put one woman on an oxygen tank due to asthma attacks triggered by her bedbug anxiety attacks.

Residents say when they pleaded with the landlord and property manager for help, “He pointed at an empty can of Raid and said, ‘Go get you one of these and you’ll be all right,” said Jesse Tellez.

“Bedbugs are always the responsibility of tenants. It’s their responsibility to be clean. We cannot go and clean their place every day. It’s not our job,” said landlord Babby Kurian.

Code compliance officials however say it is both the responsibility of the tenant and landlord to exterminate bedbugs.

Pest control officials say bedbugs are one of the hardest bugs to get rid of. Not only do you have to throw out any infested belongings, but you also have to recarpet and fumigate. Even then, that may not be enough to get rid of the critters.


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