Ontario Council OK’s Year-Round RV Resort

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The Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, City Council Monday night (Dec. 7) approved a zoning amendment allowing creation of a recreational vehicle resort beside the Marks Bay Campground.

Snowbirds (Canadians who tend to spend winters in warmer climates) and retirees in general are the intended market for the resort, according to

In his request to councillors, Mark Mageran was very emphatic that the land will be used as an RV resort, not a trailer park.

There will be only eight spots for RVs on the 2.05-acre plot.

Many of Mageran’s supporters hope to rent a plot in the Marks Bay RV Resort.

They were very happy with council’s decision, especially that the resort was allowed with year-round access.

“At first it was going to be for snowbirds, but then some of the people who wanted to come were not yet ready to retire fully or weren’t interested in staying away all winter,” Mageran said. “So we decided to make it a year-round resort.”

Mageran’s application to rezone the property was granted with a few conditions.

Those included his assurances that any petroleum or chemical products will be stored and handled safely.

Planning director Don McConnell also recommended that access to the site be provided only through one road, Pointe Aux Pins Drive.

The RV resort could conceivably function as a primary residence for RV owners renting lots, even if they are gone much of the year, said McConnell.

This would allow them to legally meet their residency requirements for health care coverage in Ontario while still giving them flexibility to travel for much of the year.

Mageran said he hopes to have the resort ready for occupancy in June.


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