Biloxi RV Park Welcomes Snow Birds’ Return

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Aerial view of Cajun RV Park. Gulf of Mexico is at top of photo.

Aerial view of Cajun RV Park. Gulf of Mexico is at top of photo.

As the temperatures up in the northern part of the country plummet, a Biloxi, Miss., RV park hopes to see more Snow Birds heading south for the winter.

Cajun RV Park is located on the Biloxi beach front.

The staff says since Hurricane Katrina, FEMA trailers, contractors and extensive storm renovations kept the park from doing any commercial business. Now that’s changed and the park is trying to lure the Snow Birds back, according to WLOX-TV, Biloxi.

In planning their yearly pilgrimage from their home in New York state, Beverly Least said this time she and her husband decided to head for south Mississippi instead of Florida.

“Everyone is having a good time and everyone is friendly,” said Least. “There is nothing like Southern hospitality which you really find down here, that you’re not apt to find along the coast in Florida.”

On New Year’s Day, more than 100 campers and RVs packed into Cajun RV Park. The staff says most of the people are travelers who booked their holiday getaways early.

General Manager Jonathan Mikovich said, “It’s a good sign for the area and everything, especially for the park to have had a better booking for the season. We think that, hopefully, for the whole entire Snow Bird season this year will be a great year.”

Cajun RV is trying to rebuild the large Snow Bird business it had before Katrina. The staff says many visitors coming in now remember Biloxi before the hurricane and are happy to see the progress.

“I think in the long run, most everything is going to get done,” said Mikovich. “It’s just taking a lot longer than people anticipated it doing. Everybody that’s coming into the park and is traveling into the area has absolutely noticed the improvements from year to year. Especially this year, a lot of people haven’t even mentioned Katrina at all, so that’s really a great thing.”

Some Snow Birds say they are already planning their south Mississippi vacation for next year.

Least said, “Your coastline at dusk is the most beautiful coastline I’ve ever seen. It’s gorgeous.”

Cajun’s RV Park says the biggest draws to the area are the beaches and casinos.


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