Council Exempts RVers from 6% Transient Tax

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The city council in Gold Beach, Ore., on Monday (Jan. 11) tentatively agreed to exempt recreational vehicles from the 6% transient tax charged occupants of hotels and motels within the Gold Beach city limits, according to the Curry County Reporter.

“We compete fiercely for business with other RV parks and it will put us at a competitive disadvantage if we are charged the transient tax and have to pass that on to our customers while the RV parks up the river don’t have to pay the tax,” said Julian Starr, proprietor of Turtle Rock Resort in Hunter Creek.

Starr said Turtle Rock does its own marketing for tourism and doesn’t rely on the Gold Beach Promotions Committee. He told the council that Turtle Rock spends about $40,000 itself on marketing, second only to the promotions committee.

Starr said that if the city council was inclined to charge RV parks the transient tax, then the council should also be charging local restaurants and the jet boats because they are big recipients of the marketing efforts of the promotions committee.

There are six RV Parks within the jurisdiction of the city:  Hunter Creek RV, Turtle Rock RV Resort, Ireland’s Ocean RV Park, City Center, Indian Creek Resort and Oceanside RV Park. There are far more RV parks up the Rogue River and north into Ophir.

A number of the city councilmen agreed with Starr that charging a transient tax to RV customers would put Gold Beach RV resorts at a competitive disadvantage. City Councilman David Alexander also surmised that if RV campers were inclined to stay at resorts further up the Rogue, then restaurant revenue would also be hurt as these folks would be less inclined to drive into the city.

“I believe if someone comes into town in their own rig, their own structure, they should be exempt,” said City Councilman John Truesdell.


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