Mayor Opposes Rezoning for Alberta RV Park

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The Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove, Alberta, is digging in its heels when it comes to a 500-lot RV resort slated to be the village’s new neighbour on the northern shore of Sylvan Lake, according to the Lacombe (Alberta) Globe.

The mayor of the summer village, Gil Clark, has filed an appeal against the RV resort with the province’s Municipal Government Board, objecting to Lacombe County’s decision to rezone about 148 acres of land for the proposed Skyy Country Golf and RV Resort. The land in question is located midway between Calgary and Edmonton.

The appeal says that the development will overload local roads and the existing boat launch with seasonal visitors and that any additional demands placed on the local facilities – that are already operating at peak according to residents – has the potential to cause serious overcrowding of the area.

Filed last month, the appeal also says that there are no provisions made under the county’s land use bylaw that would allow for the construction of additional boat launches or plans to deal with the expected increase in traffic the resort would bring. The resort would create, says the appeal, which was filed last month.

It is also claims the resort will be built near environmentally sensitive areas.

The parties involved in the dispute are set to meet with the Municipal Government Board sometime in February.

Since it was first proposed, Skyy Country Resort has been a sore spot for many lake residents, as have other RV resorts proposed for Gull Lake.

And from debates on permanency, the use of ATVs and over development, Lacombe County councillors are no closer to making a decision on how to best amend the county’s land use bylaw to create a set of rules specifically for RV resorts. For months the county has been wrestling with developing a bylaw that treats specifically with recreational vehicles and associated resorts.

With three large lakes within the county’s boundaries and interests in developing around Gull and Sylvan lakes intensifies, the county faces the potential of seeing a spike in RV resorts and a potential explosion in seasonal traffic to the areas lakes.


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