Quartzsite, Ariz., RV Sites Filling Up Quickly

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Snow Birds who want a place to park their RV in a Quartzsite, Ariz., RV park for the big show month best to get cracking, according to Russ and Tina De Maris, writing whose latest post appears on

A phone survey conducted last week shows most of the established RV parks are reporting “full” for the month. That includes:

  • B-10 Campground.
  • 88 Shades.
  • Holiday Palms (booked full Jan. 15-29).
  • Tyson Wells.

Other parks reporting in with exceptions to the “full up” situation include:

  • Desert Sunset: “We have a few spaces yet,” but will not take reservations on any of them, unless you reserve for at least two weeks. If you drop in and something is available, you can have it for less time.
  • JR’s RV Park: “We’re probably loaded,” but at present has a few spots waiting to be filled.
  • Mountain Quail (formerly Hog Wash RV Park) tells us they aren’t quite sure at the moment. Call in and they may have something available.

There are other RV parks in Quartzsite, a few new ones and some much smaller, “mom-and-pop” spots. If you show up in Quartzsite and can’t find “room at the inn,” in the major spots, stop by the Quartzsite Business Chamber of Commerce (on Main Street just west of the post office) and they may be able to point you to something.


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