RV Park Will Change the Face of Manitoba Town

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The beach at Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park.

The beach at Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park.

A meeting will be held soon in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba,  to examine how best to take advantage of the opportunities expected to spin off from the $5 million redevelopment of Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park announced last year.

The public meeting is expected to be a more ambitious effort at consensus-building than others than have garnered little participation, according to the Interlake Spectator, Winnipeg.

A meeting of business owners late last year attracted just four people. The agenda for that meeting was ambitious enough: Talk not only about the closure of a parking lane on Main Street last year, but what can be done to best accommodate the expected influx of people when a 120-site RV campground opens in 2011 or 2012 in this resort town located 31 miles north of Winnipeg.

(Winnipeg Beach is located on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is a popular swimming and cottage destination that began mainly in the early 1900s with train access to the area from Winnipeg, according to Wikipedia. The small town of Winnipeg Beach once had a dance hall, roller coaster, luxurious hotel, and was the main destination for many when Winnipeg was one of the largest cities in Canada. Today the area is still popular.)

While business owners can be expected to have a lot to say when the larger public meeting takes place, the council has thrown open the doors to the entire community, presumably to ensure the widest consensus possible.

The question, says Councillor Pam Jackson, is how can the community best position itself to accommodate hundreds of people, many of whom may stay at the campground for two weeks or more.

“We’ll have signs up around town (announcing the meeting), and information on our website, as well as mailings,” Jackson said last week during a regular meeting of Beach council. “I think we need to cover everything off to get more feedback from the folks.”

The disability-accessible campground, the first of its kind in Manitoba, will also feature playground and other recreation areas for the general public, further enhancing the appeal of Winnipeg Beach as a destination. The investment is expected to change the face of this resort town.

“This RV park is going to change Winnipeg Beach in many ways,” said Jackson. “It’s very important to have wide input. We have to come together in a coordinated fashion, and do some very creative things to [take advantage] of the opportunities.”

Jackson says she hopes to have the public meeting in three to four weeks.


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