Bill Would Ban Camping at Minnesota Rest Areas

February 16, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Bill Would Ban Camping at Minnesota Rest Areas

They’re called rest areas, but a Minnesota lawmaker doesn’t want that taken too literally.

A proposal before the House Transportation Finance and Policy Division today (Feb. 16) would outlaw camping and some other activities at highway rest areas, according to The Associated Press.

Rep. Frank Hornstein’s bill would create six prohibited activities at rest areas.

If the bill became law, it would be illegal to pitch tents or sleep overnight outside a car. It would be a crime to drain waste from an RV or trailer unless a proper receptacle is offered. People couldn’t park at a rest stop for more than six hours, unless they’re an employee on duty or a commercial motor vehicle operator.

The rest-area restrictions are part of a much-larger transportation policy bill.


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