Rising Rainwater Disrupts South Texas RV Park

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As the rain moves in to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, so do problems for the residents of the Yellow Rose RV Park in La Feria, according to KGBT-TV, Harlingen, Texas.

With just two inches of rain over the past 24 hours, their main street flooded almost a foot deep in some areas.

“Every time it rains, it gets like that and it shouldn’t be like this,” Mike Pierce told Action 4 News.

He has lived there for the past two years and says the entire community is tired of the problem.

“The city won’t do anything; they say it’s a county’s problem,” he added. “The county won’t do anything; they say it’s a city’s problem, so we’re sitting here in no man’s land.”

The root of the problem lies behind the RV park: an old drainage canal has been covered up, so the water has nowhere to go.

“The runoff we get, once it gets filled, the channel back there gets filled up,” another neighbor, Martin Martinson, told Action 4 News. “It’s got no place to go until it subsides.”

But no one knows this problem better than Fritz Dietrich. He is the manager of the RV park, and he sees all the damage the flooding can cause.

“It gets so deep that people can’t go through with the cars and it gets into the porches and underneath the mobile homes,” he said.

Dietrich added that the flooding has also become a financial burden trying to fix the road.

“We’ve been patching it off and on for a long time, but now we’re going to get a new road and we don’t want to see it tore up and have to start patching right away,” he said.

All the residents hope the city and the county reach a solution, and quickly, so that they can get on with their lives without fearing the rain.


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