TengoInternet Inc. Rebuts WiFiRV Challenge

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Editor’s Note: Eric Stumberg, founder and CEO of TengoInternet Inc., issued a rebuttal to a press released issued last week by WiFiRv. Here, in bullet form, is his response:TengoInternet logo

  • Over the last 8 years TengoInternet has grown by helping business owners grow their business and keeping their guests happily connected. Our companywide commitment to our customers and the industry was also recognized by ARVC as the 2009/2010 Supplier of the Year. We will continue to focus on providing great service and services to our customers.
  • The acquisition of Nomad was a very strategic move to grow and better serve the hospitality industry. Already, we have invested in advanced customer service, network management and guest referral generation to help increase our customer’s occupancy and guest satisfaction.
  • Our contract, service and technology flexibility allows us to provide WiFi amenities to fit our customer’s guest and business needs.
  • Wi-Fi is an increasingly important guest selection criteria — regardless of whether or not guests use the service — and is a significant guest satisfaction driver. As a note, guest usage at our locations has double over the last year, and we continue to see this increase with the computer generation taking to the road.
  • Our customers offer free, guest-pay and hybrid plan amenities to fit their pricing and brand model needs. As we know, nothing is free- and only 30% of our customers offer pure free wireless – but our customers make most of their money on occupancy and have, in some cases, adjusted prices to incorporate the operating cost of wireless into their rate plans. We also allow our customers the flexibility to make changes to fit their business.
  • WiFi is not just about internet access, but infrastructure — it now includes video cameras, point-of-sale systems, gaming systems and reservation integration and regulatory compliance.
  • Some proof points:
  • Last quarter, we generated 72,000 guest referrals to our customer from our online directory and served over 480,000 guests at our over 800 customer locations.
  • In 2009, TengoInternet paid over $250,000 of guest access income to our customers.


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