Biloxi RV Park Residents Get Move-Out Notices

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In Gulfport, Miss., people are only allowed to stay in a RV park six months at a time. They can go to another RV park but can only stay for six months, according to WLOX-TV, Biloxi.

RV campground parks are not considered long-term rental properties in the city. At Baywood RV Park, some have parked their motorhomes for nearly 10 years, and say they didn’t know it was a problem.

“They didn’t tell us there was a six-month limit. The park did not tell us,” Leonard Rossbach said.

Health concerns and relocating kids in the middle of the year are some of the hardships residents have expressed.

In last week’s council meeting, Mayor George Schloegel said the city would work with people in certain situations. They would be given more than 30 days to move. But, some are still at odds with the ordinance.

“Why can you live in one [an RV park] for six months and not live in it the second six months without moving to another location. You’re still living in it [an RV] over a continuous period of time,” said Baywood resident Hal Kellar.

The owner of the Baywood property, Bob Williams, could not by reached before WLOX aired this report. The councilman for the ward, Rusty Walker, said it’s unlikely the ordinance will be changed because the city would have to do it for all of the RV parks in the city. In addition, he said it would impact zoning in areas surrounding the parks.

Walker, however, is pushing for a rewrite on the ordinance. The change would put responsibility on the property owner instead of the person leasing space. The property owner would be fined if the occupant is not made aware of the six-month time limit in a contract.

Walker said that rewrite could appear on the agenda as early as the next council meeting. Walker is requesting a judge set the fine.


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  1. T Mike on March 9th, 2010 2:17 pm

    Up here in Washington State I live full time @a RV Park.
    There is a county tax break for facilities that are temp. living/parking, (0-6mo), If we were to attempt to stay year-round the county would consider this no longer a RV Club, but full time RV Living/parking & the rules & zoning would change.