Dust Threat Chokes Off Texas RV Park Plan

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Though Clute,Texas, business owners said bringing in a recreational vehicle park would be good for the area economy, it was voted down by the Clute City Council because of concerns over how much dust it might create for the East texas city, according to the Brazosport Facts

The council voted against a granting a specific-use permit for the area around Mammoth Lake for use as a recreational vehicle park.

This decision comes months after the council approved Attorney Wallace Shaw creating an ordinance to allow the specific use permit, Shaw said. The same vote approved a permit for the recreational vehicle park, Mayor Calvin Shiflet said. He believed the ordinance was simply formalizing the previous vote, but a previously absent council member changed the result.

The March 11 vote was 3 to 2, with council members Shelly Key, Wilbert Bonner and Felix Gallardo voting against the ordinance. In a meeting several months ago, the permit was approved with Mayor Calvin Shiflet breaking a tie because Gallardo was not present, Bonner said.

Bonner said he voted against the ordinance because of the dust that likely would be created by increased traffic on the unpaved road around Mammoth Lake. If a paved road was installed and a few other items fixed, Bonner said he may reconsider his vote.

The area, owned by Vernor Materials & Equipment of Freeport, is already home to the Vernor family and residents of the nearby subdivision say a large amount of dust already comes into their area from them traveling the dirt road.

But Kenny Vernor, co-owner of Vernor Material, said dust is not a problem. As a resident of the area he is equally concerned about dust getting on his home and property and wouldn’t appreciate a business that would cause a lot of dust, he said.

Though Vernor didn’t believe dust was a problem, Key said she has had several complaints.

“Lake Bend subdivision is opposed to this, and I represent Lake Bend,” Key said.

This item may come before the council again, Shiflet said.


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