Brits Rediscover the Joys of Camping

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According to reports, camping bookings across the United Kingdom are enjoying a big surge from Brits that have chosen to turn their backs on expensive hotels and airport strikes. Instead of trying to deal with these ever-growing problems, Brits are just choosing to stay in the country and take part in staycations, according to

Economic growth has caused some people to choose to leave the country. However, a lot of people are still planning on enjoying a staycation this year, and it would appear that many of these people are going camping. Retailers have already reported that sales for camping equipment are running at double last year’s levels. Camping and Caravanning Club said that advance bookings for camping sites in the UK are up 16% over 2009.

Overall, these stats mean that, not only are families who camped out last year returning, but other families who may have enjoyed foreign holidays last time have now opted for no frill camping trips. Analysts say that the popularity of camping holidays in Britain is being driven by the low value of the pound in other areas. However, they also pointed out ongoing strikes seen in the airline industry have also been playing a roll in this choice as well.

Halfords, the retail leisure chain, reported that sales of tents and other equipment has doubled. Paul Fensome, the chain’s outdoor expert, said that following the staycation of the last two years, the appeal of camping is growing as both a main holiday or a weekend break. People are now rediscovering the joy of a holiday spent outdoors.


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