Swingers Campground Posting Riles Neighbors

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A campground planned for a rural area of Morgan County in south central Indiana is causing controversy after an invitation to an event at the camp was posted on a swinger’s website, according to WRTV-TV, Indianapolis.

Peavine Road is quiet, with homes and horses dotting the landscape, but residents are concerned about a neighbor on a nearby hill.

Morgan County officials said a posting on a popular swingers website promoted a one-day event to be held at Oasis of Chetwynd in which clothing is optional. When WRTV’s Joanna Massee went to the website, the posting was no longer there.

Owner Kim Maynard said he’s just trying to build a campground for older adults and that stories of swingers, swappers and nudity are unfounded.

“When you find out (where the rumors came from), you let me know,” he said.

Kenneth Hale, Morgan County’s planning director, said Maynard admitted listing an event on the swingers site.

The county issued a cease and desist order because the property doesn’t have proper zoning for a campground.

“I don’t think (a clothing optional campground) would go over very well,” Hale said. “I think the people would probably frown on that here in Morgan County. We’re a fairly religious county.”

Maynard said his campground concept is changing as he grows increasingly frustrated by the scrutiny.

“I’m officially going to list this with GLAD and the Gay Lesbian Coalition of America … as a gay community camp. Everybody happy?” Maynard said.

Neighbors said they wouldn’t want either campground concept nearby.

“I wouldn’t want it next door,” said neighbor Larry Scherer. “It’s immoral. It’s fornication.”

Hale said that he expects laws pertaining to adult entertainment and businesses to be changed in Morgan County over the coming months.

Maynard has until April 26 to apply for special campground zoning.


2 Responses to “Swingers Campground Posting Riles Neighbors”

  1. JD LEWIS on June 2nd, 2011 7:55 pm

    OH SURE!!!…The local GOVS using tacticalpower by NOT even allowing acampground,what the hell!!!!…Kinduh like them also stopping UIVERSE which would allow alot of folks here in MARTINSVILLE TO HAVE THE net..oh but some IDIOT says no because it make sthe homes look bad,I’m sorry bt have you really drove around??/,,,…I live here and love it so far.IFTHIS GUY WANTS A CAMPGROUND HE SHOULD HAVE ONE,IS THIS STILL AMERICA??? I MEAN TELL THE NEIGHBORS TO buy some tall fences or jjust mid their own business.C’mon people someoneneeds to stand up tothe POLICE STATE we’re becoming,our FREEDOMS TO DO things like this andothe rRIGHTS rae taken by REDTAPE of the OVERPAID impatants I’D SAY?….LOL LMAO

  2. JD LEWIS on June 2nd, 2011 7:58 pm