Woodall’s Reps’ Vegas Conference Focuses on 2011

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Woodall’s annual Rep Conference for all of the teams who travel the country annually collecting information and rating parks for the Woodall’s North American Campground Directory just wrapped up in Las Vegas. And, by all accounts, it was one of the best conferences in the company’s history.

Injecting excitement into the event is the fact that Woodall’s will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2011. So many of the programs and projects discussed centered around how to honor the loyal RV and campground community that has supported Woodall’s all these years. Talk centered around how to continue to partner and lead the camping and RV industry, just like Woodall’s has done for the last three-quarters of a century.

Also garnering attention was a new age of communications and related terms that have worked their ways into the everyday lexicon of marketing. Words like “blogs”, “Fan Pages” and “Phone Applications” are becoming synonymous not only with social media, but as viable and popular options for increasing business exposure, and Woodall’s Publications is taking full advantage of these, plus many other new technologies.

“We have carefully researched and developed a host of new technologies and products this year designed to increase the exposure of the camping lifestyle and bring even more customers to RV parks and campgrounds around North America,” said Ann Emerson, vice president and publisher for Woodall’s Publications.

”During the conference, Woodall’s unveiled its new technology-taming services aimed at using the new tools of marketing to benefit the RV and camping industry,” she added. “In early 2010, Woodall’s created a Facebook “Fan Page” where enthusiastic full-timers and curious newbies could become “fans” of Woodall’s and read fun trip articles, see pictures and post comments about their favorite destinations, parks, states and any other bit of information that would assist RVers throughout North America. The response to this “Fan Page” on Facebook has been astounding, with thousands of RVers becoming “fans” within the very first weeks. Tommy was one of the first “fans” of Woodall’s, and he commented on the new site by saying:

“Hey, Woodall’s, I just picked you up as a ‘friend’ and after reading the posts of the RVers [on this page], my wanderlust started itching again. I guess I will have to scratch it ASAP in order to get some relief. Thanks.”

This year, Woodall’s has also launched its Family Camping Blog, where families who love to camp and travel can have a forum online to share their RV stories, camping tips, recipes and a host of other great ideas for any level of camper – from beginner to expert. A link to the new Woodall’s Family Camping Blog is located right on the home page of, so that the millions of visitors to the site can log on, read, comment, and interact with the entire North American RV Community.

Not content to spread the RV fever via websites alone, Woodall’s has in the works a smart phone application that would connect RVers with news and information directly to their cell-phones. These phone “apps” (as they are called) are programs that smart phone users can download to their phones to be used in a number of ways.

Some “apps” give users information about music they are listening to or nutritional facts about food or teach people how to do card tricks. There is even an “app” that does nothing but supply futuristic space sounds for your phone. But with the Woodall’s “App” RVers will receive up-to-date information about local RV parks and campgrounds, attractions, RV dealers — just about anything a road traveler would need to navigate the highways like a pro.

In an effort to garner as many online consumers as possible, we should add, Woodall’s is investing in local search technology. These local search pages are unique to specific towns and cities, so when an RV consumer is conducting research on their next vacation, and they type, say, “RV Camping in Gettysburg” into their search engine (i.e. Google or Bing), up comes along with Woodall’s online advertisers in Gettysburg, Pa.

These local searches greatly increase the online exposure for Woodall’s and its advertisers, ensuring that when anyone searches for camping related information on the Internet, is ranked at the top.

In addition to web-based products and services, Woodall’s continues its tradition as pioneers in the printed realm. The 2011 Woodall’s North American Campground Directory will be in 4-color throughout the book — an industry first! Now, every page will be more vibrant, more eye-catching, with advertisements and information jumping off the page in attractive new colors, making the 2011 Woodall’s directory more appealing than ever.

For the last 75 years, Woodall’s has produced quality publications designed to inform and expose RVers everywhere to awesome destinations, great sites, and wonderful things to see and do wherever they travel. With these new products and services, Woodall’s is continuing the tradition spanning over seven decades of serving the RV industry by providing new and innovative ways to connect RVers with parks, campgrounds, and businesses.

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