Legacy RV Resorts Holds Manager’s Meeting

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Legacy RV Resorts held its annual manager’s meeting recently managers representing all of Legacy’s 14 RV resorts, five of which are Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp-Resorts and two are Kampgrounds of America (KOA) campgrounds.

“We do this every year and are able to get our managers together,” said Diane Yaquinto, Legacy RV Resorts national supervisor. “Our managers are very upbeat and we like to do this in the spring to get them motivated for the season, share ideas, look for improvements to our parks, share what has happened over the last year, and look forward to a new season.”

This year’s event was held at Yogi on the Lake in Pelahatchie, Miss., and included three days of seminars, training sessions, cracker barrels, team building and best ideas.

“Legacy Stars” was the theme complete with a red carpet and awards celebrating the accomplishments of all the parks.

 Lori Severson, president of Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners, was a guest speaker. 

A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Bruce and Andrea Bryant, owners of Legacy RV Resorts. Testimonials were remotely given by previous managers — Dave and Donna Harmon, Trailer Life representatives; Larry Smith, owner of Stone Canyon Lodges; Rob Schuter, president of Yogi franchiser Leisure Systems Inc.; and Jim Rogers from KOA.

Next year’s meeting is tentatively set to be held at Navarre Beach Campground in Navarre, Fla. 

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2 Responses to “Legacy RV Resorts Holds Manager’s Meeting”

  1. James Welsh on March 23rd, 2012 2:16 pm

    Have been a snowbird for a few years here at Navarre beach campground and I have to say that the activeies the year have been the best do to Sandy Hastings and the help she had sorry to see her leave as she was a plus to the park

  2. Samantha on June 30th, 2013 4:09 pm

    We have been staying at RJ Ranch…Lake Ridge at VA since the 80’s and never again will we go back until the management has changed. Our first incident started as a usual trip we pulled in to the office to book a spot and asked what spots were available and the male manager with a beard, I was told him and his wife were the main managers. Well as we were asking about spots he threw his pin down and told another woman that she could take care of us. I assumed he was having a bad day and left it at that. The woman proceeded to assist us and rolled her eyes and explained he wasn’t a people person…

    This past weekend we decided to go again and as this time we called and asked about spots. The woman’s name was Sherron, she told us that the whole wooded area was booked and there were only 4 pull through spots in the bottom let and if we wanted to make reservations that they were all booked through July 4th. We rushed up there with our 35 ft long camper, since we can only get in certain spots due to it being 20 ft wide as well. When we got up there almost 80% of the wooded area was open, which that is where we stayed, so it wasn’t “All booked up” and as was the pull through spots as they stayed for the next two days.

    On the same trip my husband accidently left his $400 phone in the game room and at 10:30 pm we rode up to the game room and then to the managers tailor (in the campground). Which I thought that was why they stayed on the campground was to assist in issues. The game room closed at 10 pm so I wasn’t too late in coming back but as I went to knock on their door at 10:30 pm, I got all the lights cut off on me. I preceded to knock 4 more times until 10:45, when we finally went to find someone else and as we talked to other (residents) that actually lived on the camp ground found out that the management was “rude” to everyone.

    The next morning we knew the office opened at 9 so we showed up around 8:30am to see staff sitting around in the office. My husband knocked on the office door and the same man threw up his hands and pointed at the sign saying 9 am. We heard him inside say to the staff the “Can’t they see we are closed”. Then shoved open (almost hitting my son) , then told my husband “We are closed”. After that we explained to him that we left our phone in the game room and he told us to come to the bottom door and he would unlock it.

    I am a business owner and I know it is aggregating at times but to actually cuss a customer and cut the lights off on them while they are knocking is down right rude. I do not believe that we deserved that treatment from the managers which do not have to be people persons but if you don’t like the job you do then you don’t need to be there. A bad word of mouth will go a lot quicker than a good one and I have no issue telling someone not to waste their money on Lake Ridge. I am very disappointed in the management I expected better as which I believe 90% of the people that actually live there do as well. I am just thankful we never purchased a place there now. I really hope something changes bu as of now we will never go back until that day comes.