Adjustments Being Made to First Virtual Expo

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The software program that will run the Virtual International Outdoor Hospitality Expo in November is currently being revised by Expos2, the software programmer, and Campground Expo, the expo’s producer.

The changes being made to the program will make the event even more “user friendly” for both exhibitors and attendees, according to a news release.
“After examining the standard program for the Expo over the past few months and speaking to the dozens of exhibitors, we have come up with some interesting modifications,” said expo producer Art Lieberman.
For instance the original program had the exhibit space called “halls” which Lieberman considered to be inconsistent with the familiar concept of having aisles at the expo. Renaming the spaces “aisles” and limiting the booths in aisles to 20 prevents exhibitors from having their booths at the end of an indeterminable hall length. It also rewards the “early bird” exhibitors by placing their booths in the first aisle with sponsors.  The expo already has over 30 registered and confirmed exhibitors.
Another modification activates an introductory video in the registration lobby of the Expo, visible when an attendee enters the show for the first time. The screen will display a short video which explains how to view the Expo, travel between areas, view ‘’webinars’’ both live and recorded, chat with other attendees and download, print or view the expo directory which now will become a “lobby tab” right on a bulletin board.

If an attendee chooses to view the directory and sees an exhibitor of interest, he or she can click on the exhibitor’s name and be “transported” directly into the exhibitor’s booth. Sponsor banners will be displayed in every aisle and every room at the expo and attendees can likewise click on that business name and be sent directly into the appropriate booth. Other videos on screens in the lobby will run commercials for various companies.
The expo has several stages during the three months within which it will be viewable. When the show is in the “standby” mode, exhibitors will be able to peruse the database of attendees.

“We originally wanted the database viewable at all times,” Lieberman said, “but since the database will change almost every second – as attendees arrive and depart from the show – the alphabetical list of attendees will change constantly.”
When an attendee enters a booth, the exhibitor’s computer will ring and the attendee’s information from registration will be available to the exhibitor. This is a change from the original programming when limited information on the attendee could be seen by exhibitors.
These alterations to the program that run the expo are small “tweaks” to an already fascinating and well-designed virtual show. Attendees will be able to participate in ‘’webinars’’ and open forums, win prizes, jump from one aisle to another, download information on exhibitors and chat with each other without leaving the comfort of their homes or businesses.

The expo has received the cooperation and participation of several state associations in the U.S. and Canada. Joining Tennessee and New Jersey are the Carolinas and Iowa associations. Camping in Ontario is also participating along with Leisure Systems which will bring Yogi Bear into virtual reality.  
The expo can be contacted at or by calling 877-901-EXPO


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